Dawn's Demonstrations and Explanations of Essential Energy and Environment Concepts

3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Skip Bin

22 Jun

While using your domestic waste bin is fine for disposing of smaller items, it just can’t deal with the massive amounts of waste which can be generated when you make changes to your home or garden. The last thing you want is to find yourself with a lot of waste and nowhere to put it. […]

Top 3 Ways Of Boosting Air Quality In Schools

19 Feb

Schools have a lot to do regarding their indoor air quality, and the fact that it can hamper the education process makes it a really sensitive issue. It may be challenging to achieve that perfect air quality in a classroom, perhaps because it normally holds dozens of students each day and contaminant sources are in […]

Prevent Sunburns with Shade Sails In Schools

16 Feb

Shade sails are devices that are used to create outdoor shade. Their technology is based on the sail of a ship. The shade sails are made of a flexible membrane that is tensioned between various anchor points. They come with an affordable price and setting them up is easy. These devices are usually provided in […]

2 Types Of Solar Hot Water Systems

28 Jan

2 Types Of Solar Hot Water Systems Electric water heaters are often partly responsible for high energy consumption around the home. As such, electric heaters are increasingly being replaced by more energy-efficient water heating systems. Discussed in this article are two types of residential solar hot water systems. This information is beneficial to homeowners looking […]

How to Clean a Grease Trap

27 Jan

Follow the steps outlined below and you will have the grease trap in your kitchen sparkling clean in a very short time. Step 1: Prepare the Trash Can Put two or three trash bags inside the trash can. These trash bags or liners should be very thick so that they can withstand the weight of […]

4 Reasons You Should Consider Removing a Tree From Your Property

26 Jan

Trees are often beautiful additions to any property, offering shade, aesthetic value, and aid in the development and maintenance of a clean eco-conscience. However, sometimes a tree can cause problems, and tree removal is always necessary if letting one fall naturally is out of the question. So, what are some reasons you should consider organising […]

Friable Asbestos In Soil: FAQs

26 Jan

The presence of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials in soil is considered a form of contamination. The presence of these materials is hazardous to both the environment and to the health of those exposed to the contaminated area on a regular basis. Provided in this article are answers to three questions that a large number of […]

What you should know about bore water

22 Jan

If you are curious about using natural resources for your water supply, you might have considered bore water. This type of water comes from rainfall, where the water is stored in the ground. These are called aquifiers. They can be extracted from bore water drillers, then used for different sources. However, it is not generally […]